About Us

Kemsi Skin was established in 2016 creating innovative plant-based, skin loving, sulphate and paraben free products designed to work with all skin types. After 4 years of formulating, compounding and creative directing for beauty brands and  small businesses in Toronto, Canada, Nsi (the founder) decided to make skincare compiling all that knowledge, her way.

Kemsi Skin is committed to providing our customers with the freshest batch of all of our skincare. We restock 4 times per year to achieve the level of quality we feel our customers deserve. We understand that providing the 'freshest batch' skincare allows our customers the opportunity to use the product at the height of all of it's nutrient dense benefits. We pride ourselves in creating unique custom blends using phthalate free fragrances and essential oils. Our scented products are designed to leave a long lasting scent on the skin.

Our skincare has been featured in the June 2021 issue of Fashion Canada and on Blog T.O. (Blog Toronto). Let us help you take care of your skin through all of it's unique stages.