Collection: Cloud Cream

Cloud Creams are light, airy and super moisturizing. These oil-based  triple whipped body creams are meant to soothe, heal and moisturize the driest of skin. Cracked dry skin is instantly transformed into soft and supple skin with continued use. We blend organic hard butters such as Shea Butter and Kokum Butter with our gorgeous oil blend.  Grapeseed, Golden Jojoba and Argan oils are just a few of the key ingredients in our Cloud Cream blend. The combination of these oils and butters have many healing and restorative properties for the skin.  If you are struggling to keep your rough dry skin moisturized or are looking for a better moisturizer than your current go-to our Cloud Creams are here to get your skin back on track. Kemsi Skin uses only plant-based ingredients, we do not test on animals and we don't use any sulphates or parabens in our products.