The BEST Vegan Skincare located in Toronto

The BEST Vegan Skincare located in Toronto

Discover the best vegan skin-care products made in Canada using innovative formula's and locally sourced ingredients. This small but mighty up and coming skincare brand prides it self in making the 'freshest batch' skincare restocked only 4 times per year. They have recently changed their name from Kemsi Essentials to a more fitting Kemsi Skin. If you want to know more about Kemsi Skin read about us here.

Creamy cloud cream picture. The best vegan body moisturizer, made with organic oils and butters. This body butter is creamy, smooth and super hydrating.

The company was established in 2016 creating innovative plant-based, skin loving, sulphate, paraben and phthalate free products designed to work with all skin types. The formulations are focused on using natural derivatives and sweet, sexy and seductive scents. Kemsi Skin also prioritizes the skincare purists who prefer no scent or fragrance. This skincare brand definitely has something for everyone. 

Kemsi Skin wants their products to remain affordable so they are accessible to everyone in Canada and surrounding areas. Right now the Cloud Creams are their featured product (Oil-Based Body Moisturizer) is $30 for a 16oz jar and lasts a couple of months! It's really important for customers to understand the benefits of all of our products and have fun with their skincare.

Featured Collection: Cloud Creams

Cloud Creams are light, airy and super moisturizing. These oil-based  triple whipped body creams are meant to soothe, heal and moisturize the driest of skin. Cracked dry skin is instantly transformed into soft and supple skin with continued use. We blend organic hard butters such as Shea Butter and Kokum Butter with our gorgeous oil blend.  Grapeseed, Golden Jojoba and Argan oils are just a few of the key ingredients in our Cloud Cream blend. The combination of these oils and butters have many healing and restorative properties for the skin.  If you are struggling to keep your rough dry skin moisturized or are looking for a better moisturizer than your current go-to our Cloud Creams are here to get your skin back on track. Kemsi Skin uses only plant-based ingredients, we do not test on animals and we don't use any sulphates or parabens in our products.

The University of Tennessee wrote a great blog on the importance of moisturizing your skin. You can read it here.

RoseBae Kemsi Skin's beautifully scented Oil-based body moisturizer. This Cloud Cream has notes of jasmine, lilies and fresh cut roses. 

Link to all of our creamy super hydrating Cloud Creams pictured above here.

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